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September 26th, 2013 

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Travel and Explore Russia



 Known as Great Mother Russia throughout the world, Russia is rich in culture and history. A country once controlled by Tsars and immersed in communism, it has remained a super power within a world of giants.

The Beginnings

 History takes us far back in Europe when Slavic tribes roamed the vast land of what was to become Russia. With the largest land mass in the entire world, Russia makes up 9% of the world’s land. The Slavic tribes inhabited this immense territory and began a legacy of people engulfed in turmoil and strife.

The first civilization began in the third century when Eastern Slavs emerged as a society. In the ninth century, Viking warriors became the first rulers of the land. They established the East Slavic state, which influenced Russia for the next thousand years. Soon after, the Slavic rule dissipated into various feudal states. One such state became Russia’s capital, Moscow.


 Ivan the Terrible became Russia’s first Tsar. The beginning of his rule inspired more territorial growth for the country and helped establish Russia’s greatness. Although his reign was brutal at times, he nonetheless accomplished many great things as a ruler. Such great things included abolishing the slave trade on the Volga River and the defeat of the Khanate of Kazan. However, during the last years of his reign, he became increasingly violent toward his family. His death ended in turmoil and speculation. During the 60s, an examination of his remains revealed large amounts of mercury.

 For hundreds of years Tsars ruled the country until the murder of Nicholas II and his family.
There rule was quickly replaced by communism and inner turmoil. The USSR and Cold War further tore apart the land.

Modern Russia



 Today’s Russia is enveloped in history. Their economy is strong and they have the world’s largest stores of mineral and energy reserves. The country has various historical sites that are of great interest to tourism. The Hermitage museum, the Kremlin castle, and the imperial palaces of St. Petersburg are all beautiful reminders of old Russia.

Visiting Russia

 The country is a place of interest for many seeking adventure. Immersed in beauty and deep intrigue, Russia is worth exploring and learning why it is called Mother Russia.

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