Pistoia, Italy

Pistoia is a city that is located in the Tuscany area of the country of Italy. Pistoia has a population of just over 90,000 people. Pistoia declared the city a free commune in 1177, which led to walls being built to surround the city. Several different religious buildings were also build during this time, and most of them still stand today and serve as the primary attractions in the city. These buildings and the amazing weather make Pistoia a great place to visit any time of the year.

The city of Pistoia, Italy features rather warm summers and mild winters. The summer months of June, July and August will see the average temperatures around 30 °C. The winter months of November, December, January and February will see average high temperatures between 8 and 12 °C. There is also a very low threat of snow during the winters in Pistoia because the temperatures rarely get below freezing. The rest of the year in Pistoia is very mild and the average temperatures will generally be between 17 and 25 °C depending on the time of year.The main attraction inside the walls of Pistoia is the Piazza del Duomo. The Piazza del Duomo is considered to be a cathedral square is where most of the ancient buildings were constructed. It is amazing to walk through the Piazza del Duomo and see all of the beautiful ancient architecture that you can not see anywhere else in the world. The Piazza del Duomo is also the home of a large jousting event every July called the Bear Joust. This brings all of the best jousters from throughout Italy to the Pistoria area.Pistoia Cathedral, Tuscany, ItalyThe most popular building located in the Piazza del Duomo is the Pistoia Cathedral. The original Pistoia Cathedral burned down in the 12th century, but was rebuilt with minor improvements occurring until the early 17th century. The Pistoia Cathedral is designed in a Romanesque style. Another restoration occurred on the Pistoia Cathedral during the 1950s and 1960s to restore the building to its original style before it was burned down. The cathedral features two different chapels and houses a crypt underneath the cathedral. The aisles of the Pistoia Cathedral also display art from some of the most famous Italian artists including Domenico Cresti and Coppo di Marcovaldo. The cathedral is also filled with several different tombs, paintings and statutes, which make the Pistoia Cathedral one of the most beautiful churches in the world.

Another popular religious building in Pistoia is the Basilica of Our Lady of Humility. The Basilica of Our Lady of Humility is an amazing piece of Renaissance architecture. The church features a painting of Madonna of humility and also features an altar in her honor. These are just two of the many great religious buildings to see in Pistoia. No matter what you decide to see, it is guaranteed to be beautiful and something you will not be able to see anywhere else in the world.


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