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August 10th, 2014 

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 The Federation of Micronesia consists of 607 islands and archipelagos situated in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. Although the country forms part of Oceania, it is distinct from the region known as Micronesia, which also includes countries like Kiribati and Palau.

 The islands forming the Federation of Micronesia lie adjacent to several island countries and territories including The Solomon Islands and Guam, and the country is divided into four distinct island groups or states. These four states include Pohnpei, which is the most developed of the four and which is home to Palikir, the country's capital, Chuuk, which was formerly known as Truk and is divided between the Outer Chuuk Islands and the Chuuk Lagoon and atoll, and the island of Yap, which is also known as The Forbidden Island. Last of the four states is the far distant Kosrae, which, due to its isolated geographical location, is considered to be one of the safest places on the planet.

 Palikir, the capital, has a population of just under 6,000 and is located on the isle of Pohnpei, which has one of the world's highest rainfalls. Most visitors to the area gain access to the country by flying in to Pohnpei International Airport and will thereafter be transported to their island of their choice by boat or small aircraft. Tourists will not have trouble communicating with the locals as English is the country's official and most common language, followed by Trukese, Kosrean, Yapese and Pohnpeian. The official Federation of Micronesia currency is the US Dollar, and most Micronesians are either Roman Catholic or Protestant. The country achieved independence from the USA during November 1986 and presently operates under its own constitution. Geographically, the country is incredibly diverse and offers guests spectacular vistas ranging from rocky volcanic peaks to lush coral atolls.

 The Federation of Micronesia has much to offer the tourist, and, in the Pohnpei State, this would include the enigmatic ruins and canals of the Nan Madol complex. This mysterious ruined city dates back to at least the late 15th century and has inspired authors such as the macabre HP Lovecraft to write about its secretive beauty. Chuuk is most well known for its wreck diving, and the seabeds surrounding these atolls and islands are littered with the derelict hulks of the ships and 'planes that have gone down off the Chuuk coastline.


 The Yap islanders still use their "stone money" as currency and offer visitors cultural tours of their villages. Yap is also the ideal place for diving and snorkeling expeditions as well as windsurfing and swimming. Kosrae may be remote, but it's popular with tourists and highlights of visiting this pristine island will include tasting its superb yams, breadfruit, coconuts and sugarcane as well as hunting for the buried treasure that once belonged to colorful South Sea pirate William "Bully" Hayes.

 For those travelers who are looking for a relaxing and safe vacation in a beautiful - albeit wet - setting, the Federation of Micronesia is the perfect place.

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