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Map of Lake Como, Italy  

Lake Como, Italy

 Lake Como is located in  Lombardy, in Northern Italy. For well over one hundred years it has been a destination for travelers and native Italians alike, and it has  recently become even more popular thanks to an influx of wealthy  celebrities traveling to and even purchasing homes around the lake. Lake Como itself is shaped rather unusually, much like a inverted letter  ”Y” ? The size is an impressive 146 kilometers square, making it the  third largest lake in all of Italy. Several towns exist on the shores of Lake Como in various places, each a worthy destination for travelers.

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Map of Lake Como Italy

The city of Como is perhaps the best known in the area surrounding Lake Como, and is a  namesake of the lake. Located on the southwest tip of the lake, Como is  quite close to the Swiss border. Aside from Lake Como, the city boasts a rich Roman heritage, being the birthplace of famed men like Pliny the  Elder, Pliny the Younger, and the 18th century inventor Alessandro  Volta. Old city walls dating from the 12th century still exist, and are  an incredible place to stroll around and soak in the history. Cultural  establishments like the Civic Archaeological Museum, the History Museum, and the Civic Art Gallery all make fascinating destinations and are a  way to better understand the history of this beautiful town.


Another town on Lake Como often frequented by travelers is Nesso,  named for the centaur ferryman on the river Eunos, in ancient mythology. This town offers the cleanest and safest places to swim in Lake Como.  There is a castle located in the town, the ruins of which are ideal for  strolling through and touring. The Roman Bridge, or Ponte Roma, is also  worth a visit. Climb over 300 steps to get there, but enjoy stunning  views of waterfalls and Lake Como that make the hike worth your time.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy your time actually on and around  Lake Como. Water sports are a popular and fun pastime for locals and  visitors alike. Boats available for rent can transport you from village  to village along the shore, or just let you enjoy the natural scenery  from a new perspective. Enjoy many cycling paths that circle the entire  perimeter of the lake, or jog the paths instead. Horseback riding is  available along the shore in several times, and is a picturesque  activity.



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