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Madrid Spain


 Spain's capital and largest city is Madrid. Travelers seeking a rich and diverse amount of art attractions will be pleased to know that Madrid is ranked number one in European cities for its diversity of art museums and collections. There are three prominent museums located on Paseo del Prado. The first stop is the Prado Museum, which features works from Francisco de Goya and Diego Velázquez. After this, visitors may see the Reina Sofia Museum, which features work from Picasso that were originally created in Spain. The third museum is the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, featuring a comprehensive private art collection with a little bit of everything.

 Madrid's history dates back to the prehistoric era. Evidence of this has been verified by the remnants of archaeological structures that once comprised a small village. In more modern documentation, the city can be traced back to 800 A.D. At that time, Muhammed I had a palace built where the modern Palacio Real, or "Royal Palace" in English, sits today. Until the year 1085, Madrid was under Islamic rule. After this, King Alfonso VI captured it and converted its name to the Church of the Virgin of Almundena. The dawn of the Renaissance in the city was heralded by the arrival of Ferdinand and Isabella.
Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid Spain md

 The city's most glorious point in history was between 1500-1600, also known as the "Golden Century." The most talented and well-known artists and architects of all Europe were commissioned to grow the city larger by building and beautifying it. Some of the most treasured paintings in Madrid were created by Diego Velázquez, specially designed for the city and made for King Philip IV. His paintings can now be seen at the three prominent art museums. Later between 1808-1814, the arrival of Napoleon and the occurrence of the Spanish War of Independence changed Madrid. Many more revolts happened after that, unleashing political struggles of power. The Spanish Civil War happened in 1936, lasting three years.

 All of the most impressive developments in Madrid Spain since the Golden Century happened from 1960 forward. New buildings and skyscrapers were erected by respected architects, forming the city's impressive skyline. From the river, this view is spectacular to see. Today, Madrid's buildings create some of the most interesting attractions for travelers to see. Visitors who want to combine a great view with a unique destination will enjoy the Temple of Debod. This tranquil site features an ancient temple with structures surrounded by water. From the temple, the view of the Palacio Real and the city of Madrid are spectacular.


 Culture is rich in Madrid; cultural diversity and appreciation has been a staple in this city since the Golden Century, when the many talented European artists contributed to the city's structure and make-up. One place to view a diverse set of architectural structures and cultural influences is in Canalejas Square. Madrid also has a wide array of opera and orchestra houses, featuring Spanish influences, along with those of other countries famous for those artistic performances. Bull fighting is another popular attraction in Madrid; the city is one of the few remaining places to hold an authentic bull fight. Madrid has typical seasons with hot summers, cold winters and mild spring and fall seasons. Late spring and early fall are the best times to visit.


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