London Bridge Station

The London Bridge Station was one of the first and is the old of the modern station terminals in London, England. It was first opened on December 14, 1836. It is located in the borough of Southwark and occupies two levels directly southeast of the London Bridge. The station contains nine terminal platforms and six through platforms. The station provide access to various locations including Cannon Street and Charing Cross. The station offers access to local areas and also provides underground subway connections. Most destinations from this station can be reached within fifteen minutes when the trains are running on schedule.London Bridge Station Photo by Andy Worthington

While you are waiting for your next train, there are a number of places to eat or grab a drink. Whether you want to sit down at a full scale restaurant, grab a quick coffee at the cafe or simply shop for a few items during your travels, you can find all of this inside the station. The station includes places such as Krispy Kreme, AMT Coffee, Paul, Panopolis, Burger King and Bagel Factory. You can shop at places such as WHSmith and The Body Shop.

There are also a number of other amenities that the station offers to passengers, including a number of toilet facilities, ticket information counter, ATMs and lost property. If you need a trolley to carry around your luggage, you can find one of the trolley bays throughout the station. A deposit is required but returned when you return the cart.

If you want a memento to remember your time at the London Bridge Station, you can find one of the photo booths around the station. If you need to connect to your friends and family online, Wi-Fi may be available in specific retail locations, but the station does not have Wi-Fi throughout the station. There are a number of places where passengers waiting for the next train can sit and relax on the concourse level of the station. If you have some time to venture out of the station before your train arrives, there are also a number of restaurants and attractions located within a few block of the station.


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