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 Kahoolawe, Hawaii


 The Kahoolawe, Hawaii is one of the eight volcanic islands that are located on the Hawaiian Islands. The area of the island is approximately 44.6 square miles. This particular island does not have a very large population. Years ago, especially during World War 2, the United States used the Kahoolawe Island for navy training purposes. However, as of 1990, the island is no longer used as grounds for navy training. Instead, the island is being preserved for the Hawaiian culture. There are several state laws in effect for the Kahoolawe Island. These laws make it clear that the island and the water on the island can only be used for specific purposes such as restoration, education, and for fishing as well.

 The Kahoolawe Island and its water supply is off limits for random tourists. Native Hawaiians are able to visit the Island in order to perform religious ceremonies and rituals. People who frequent the island are usually people who are looking to discover new and exciting different things about the culture in Kahoolawe. Archeologist's are allowed to visit the island in order to dig on the grounds in search of more information on the culture and history of the island itself.

 If tourists are curious about the island, the tourists are actually able to get on a cruise ship that sails closely to the Kahoolawe Island. Seeing the island from a distance may not be exactly the same as being right on the island but if you get on the appropriate cruise ship, you will be able to enjoy a great sight seeing experience of the island.


 Those who can enjoy the beauty of the island, such as teachers, students, volunteers, and environmentalists, are quite fortunate. If you have an absolute desire to visit the preserved Kahoolawe Island, you can also apply to the state of Hawaii's volunteer program. With the volunteering program, you are able to focus on learning about the history and culture of the island. You will also be able to work on the restoration of the island with various other volunteers. It is a great learning experience.

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