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 Istanbul, Turkey


 Istanbul Turkey is the world's third-largest metropolitan city with a population of over 13 million people. Today it is still a mystery for just how long Turkey's largest city has been inhabited. Original beliefs of archeologists regarding its origin were disproved when remains of a Neolitic settlement were unearthed during the construction of the Marmary Tunnel. There have also been Chalcolithic artifacts found from Asian settlers in the area where Topkapi Palace is located.

 Topkapi Palace's area has a rich and colorful history. This site was also the location of two settlements named Lygos and Semistra during the 13th through 11th centuries BC, started by Thracian tribes. The area became a Phoenician trading post in the first millennium BC. Later in 685, Greeks from Megara settled the area, naming it Chalcedon. Shortly after this, the area was named Byzantine, which was one of the three original names.
Hagia Sopia, Istanbul Turkey
 The second original name of Istanbul was Constantinople. This name began in 324, after Constantine I conquered Licinius in battle. Constantinople was to replace Byzantine, making it a new Christian city. The city's livelihood was threatened after the Fourth Crusade. In 1453, the fall of Constantinople took place, bringing down the Byzantine Empire with it. Ottomans transformed the Christian city into an Islamic iconic city.

 Eventually, the name "Istanbul" was implemented. This city has been weathered and affected by wars, but still retains much of its historic and natural beauty. To see some of the city's oldest remnants, a trip to the Zeyrek Mosque is in order. This is one of Istanbul's oldest structures, originally built in the middle Byzantine period. It was an Orthodox Christian church, but was later converted to a mosque after the fall of Constantinople. Another sight to see from this era is the Galata Tower. Although it has undergone much renovation, it still stands today.

 One of the best ways to learn about Istanbul's extensive history is to take one of the daily city tours, which covers all of the historical points of interest. The Istanbul Archaeology Museum is also a great point of interest. Comprised of three different buildings, the entire property is full of displays of ancient, prehistoric and antique artifacts. Each one has a story, telling the history of the city. There is so much cultural diversity in Istanbul; this museum puts a much clearer perspective on each aspect.

 For an underground adventure, visit the Basilica Cistern. Also called "The Sunken Palace" locally, this mysterious cistern was originally located under the Stoa Basilica on the First Hill of Constantinople. It was built by 7,000 slaves. After the Stoa Basilica artistic and cultural center it was constructed under disappeared, it was converted to a cistern. It had originally provided an efficient water system to the Great Palace of Constantinople and Topkapi Palace.


 Between April and December, the climate is optimal for traveling to Istanbul. Winters are mild until January. Temperatures rise above 50 after March. Temperatures in the summer months reach into the mid-80s, with a mild fall afterward. Thunderstorms in the summer are uncommon. During the winter, there are usually a few heavy snowstorms, but the temperatures stay warm enough that it melts quickly. 

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