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Isla Margarita, Venezuela


 Isla Margarita, or Margarita Island, is located in the Caribbean Sea just off the northeast coast of Venezuela. It is the largest island in terms of area of the Venezuelan state of Nueva Esparta. The island is an extremely popular location for tourism and fishing and has a population over 400,000.

 Isla Margarita Venezuela has a rich history and was discovered by Europeans in 1498 by Christopher Columbus. Columbus and his fellow shipmen found the native Guaiqueries and were recieved warmly. Spaniards would eventually be rewarded with vast amounts of pearls that are found around the island. The island became a common victim of pirate attacks and several of the fortifications are still stable today and can be visited by tourists. The island became a free territory of Venezuela in the early 1800s.

 Aside from the rich history of Isla Margarita, travelers will be able to experience the beautiful and breathtaking scenery that the region offers. Over 100 miles of white, sandy beaches line the coasts of Isla Margarita and famous beaches such as Playa El Agua, Playa Caribe, and Playa Punta Arenas are among the most popular and exciting beaches in the world. Other tourist attractions include the astounding hotels and nightlife. Visitors from all across the world visit Isla Margarita for the fine dining and shopping regions of the island. Porlamar is the largest city on the island and is known for its large commercial center. Only about 80,000 people live in the city throughout the year but over 120,000 people claim the city as home during the traveling season.


  The geography of the island is beautiful. The island is over 1000 square kilometers and is divided into two sections that are connected by a nearly 20 mile long stretch of sand. The majority of the population live on the island and most of them are found among the more developed easter parts of the island. The western side of the island is largely a small mountain range. Travelers can arrive at the island by ferry from the mainland or by airplane at the Santiago Marino International Airport located just outside of Porlamar.

 Tourists are mostly found on the island during the Christmas holiday season, Easter week, Spring Break, and throughout July, August, and September but the island offers an amazing destination throughout the entire year. Because of Isla Margarita’s location in the Caribbean sea it has a warm and sunny climate with temperatures that range between 24 and 37 degrees Celsius.

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