Idaho, United States

In total, Idaho has a population of 1.5 million people with Boise having the greatest density in numbers at a population of 200,000. Idaho is known as the Gem State, Boise is its capital and the #1 industry is potato farming. It is also the #1 producer of winter peas, lentils and trout. With pristine waters and both mountainous areas and plains regions, Idaho is a beautiful spot in the United States to visit on any type of vacation.

When most people think about a vacation, they think of the Bahamas or at the very least a Florida coast adventure. Idaho has an abundance of adventure to offer both adults and children alike, and a family trip to the State will prove to be a most special experience. At the same time, everyone has the opportunity to join the 20 million other yearly visitors. Whether a person is looking to ski in the winter, fish for trout in summer or explore the Lewis and Clark Trail, Idaho is the spot. There are thirty State Parks and RVs are seen meandering across the State. Whether a visitor is in the market for a log cabin or a beautiful hotel, it is all available in Idaho.

Alice Lake, Idaho, United StatesTravelers discover Idaho in the Pacific Northwest, adjacent to Washington and Oregon. Systems from the west keep winter temperatures on the moderate side, with winter lows no more than 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This and a great deal of winter sunshine make for wonderful winter time activities.

There are over 3000 miles of whitewater available for a great kayaking experience. It is possible for travelers to have their own adventure or to hire a guide from anywhere across the State. The Lewis and Clark Trail offers a number of guided ventures. There are eight primary golf courses along what is known as ‘the golf trail.’ Each course offers a new terrain, a different slope and a chance ‘to try it all.’ Idaho is a ‘must’ for every golf enthusiast.

The panhandle and southward tend to be more mountainous. As travelers move south again and then to the east, the plains regions and a variety of the city areas can become the new adventure. The night skies, whether at sunset or during ‘star time’ can be viewed as some of the most picturesque skies in the world. It is great to see the farmlands of the United States as they are unique and quite a learning experience. Bed and Breakfasts are more available in these areas and can represent a different sort of experience.

The Birds of Prey Wildlife Area near Kuna represents the most dense reserve available to the hawk and falcon populations any where in the world. Soda Springs is the largest man-made geyser to be found anywhere. The Lava Hot Springs are found in Idaho. The Banana Belt exists within the State.

A little look at Idaho is just enough to ‘pull on’ any traveler. It is a great experience that will never be discovered anywhere else in the world.


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