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 Hawaii, The Big Island


 Hawaii the Big Island - the euphonious name alone melts on the tongue and is evokes thoughts about heavenly beaches, exotic dancing and casual surfer atmosphere. Indeed, there is no better place on earth to spend the holidays.

 The Island of Hawaii, or as called by many "Hawaii, The Big Island" so as not to be confused by the state of Hawaii which takes in the whole chain of islands making up the Hawaiian Chain of islands. Hawaii, the big island is the largest island in the Hawaiian chain as well as the largest island in all of the United States. At 93 mile across and covering over 4028 square miles, Hawaii, the Big Island lays at the southern and easternmost end of the Hawaiian chain of islands.
 The Hawaiian islands are centrally located in the Pacific and approximately 3.800 miles from the U.S West Coast. About 130 atolls are part of Hawaii, which belongs to the United States since 1959.

Pololu Lookout Hawaii's Big Island The Hawaiian islands are of volcanic origin; a fact reflected in many extinct and active volcanoes. On the big island of Hawaii are the two active volcanoes, Mauna Loa and Kilauea; the latter has last spit lava in 1983. Travelers can take a trip to the east coast of Hawaii and be witness of an incredible spectacle while watching the lava flow from the Kilauea into the Pacific. Through the recent lava accumulation, several hundred acres of land have been added to the Big Island.

 It is well worth a visit to the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park. There, vacationers can get extremely close to the volcanoes, which despite being the largest in the world are peaceful. During the day, travelers can talk to the park rangers, who explain the volcanism and give intriguing details.

  Hawaii offers excellent conditions for, both, a relaxing beach get-away, as well as an exciting and active vacation. The tranquil atmosphere and friendly residents welcome travelers on arrival with a warm "Aloha", which also contributes to a perfect holiday experience. Besides this, tourists are amazed by the diverse scenery and fascinating culture and history of the island and its inhabitants.

 "Hawaii the Big Island" is home to some of the most stunning beaches, as well. Above all, Hawaii is a haven for surfers; not only because the surf-sport has its origin here, but also because of the terrific water conditions provided for professionals and beginners alike.


 Hawaii prides itself for its pristine nature with unique animal and plant species. Guests who want to discover the landscape are invited to do so by hiking or horseback riding.

The Hawaiian culture celebrated a comeback in the latest decades. The island was once degenerated into a tourist spectacle; however, today, more emphasis is put on the original forms of Hawaiian rituals, such as the hula dance.  The hula dance, which exists in the forms of "Hula Kahiko" and "Hula Auwana", is still enjoyed in most hotels and restaurants.

The fairness of the landscape in Hawaii and the honesty and kindness of the locals are expressed by the giving of lei-flower wreaths. Those who have never accepted a fresh lei should take their time to experience the importance of this enchanting tradition.

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