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August 10th, 2014 

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 The island of Guam is one of the United States of America's overseas territories and is the southernmost of the islands that form part of the South Pacific's Mariana Island archipelago. Guam is also the largest of the Micronesian islands, which make up Oceania along with the Polynesian and Melanesian islands.

 Guam, which has a total land area of, is divided into three major regions, and these comprise the Northern Region, the Southern Region and the Central or Metropolitan Region. Guam's capital, Hagatna, lies in the Central Region and is something of an anomaly as it is the country's second smallest village, has a population of approximately 1,100 and is only in extent. Once a thriving area, its population has dwindled over the last several decades and it's now heavily industrialized.

 In Guam, most people speak either English, Chamorro or Japanese, and the country's official currency is the US Dollar. During its 4,000 year history, Guam has been occupied by several conquering countries with one of the latest being Japan, who held the island for two and a half years during World War II. The island may have been released from Japanese occupation, but it still bears the scars of being heavily involved in the vicious and bloody battles fought in the South Pacific Theater.

 Guam has a tropical marine climate, which is characterized by extreme heat and extreme humidity. The island lies in the geographical area that has become known as "typhoon alley" and is particularly prone to super typhoons during the months of October and November. Guam landscapes include sparkling white beaches, lush tropical forests and imposing granite cliffs, and its burgeoning tourism industry is doing what it can to exploit the country's natural potential for adventure travel.

 Guam's Chamorro peoples are indigenous to the Mariana Islands and had colonized the island long before it was invaded by any European or Asian foreign powers. The Chamorro culture has manifested itself in unique dances, foods and handicrafts as well as the principle of reciprocity, called chenchule', that forms the basis of all dealings between Chamorro peoples.


 Guam's Northern Region is best known for being home to the island's largest village, Dededo, and to the unspoilt Ritidian Beach. Not many tourists visit the Northern Region, however, and most congregate in the - for Guam - densely populated Central / Metropolitan Region. Touring the WWII battle sites, both on land and underwater, is possibly the most popular tourist attraction in Guam, and several of the most significant sites are to be found in the Central Region. Further activities include exploring the beautiful Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica in Hagatna and the indoor aquarium in tourist-friendly Tumon. The Southern Region is largely unexplored and is a favorite venue for "boonie stomping", Guam's version of trekking.

 Guam will appeal to tourists with a sense of adventure who are interested in the region's violent history but will also be a perfect destination for those who merely want to relax in the sun.

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