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 The Island nation of Grenada lies at the southernmost tip of the Caribbean in what is known as the Windward Islands.  Making up the nation of Grenada are three sister islands, Grenada, Carriacou and Pitite Martinique. Situated in the eastern Caribbean, the island nation is only 100 miles north of the South America continent and the country of Venezuela. To the southeast one will find the island nations of Trinidad and Tobago. To the northeast lie the islands of St. Vincent , Grenadines and 158 miles the island of Barbados.
 Grenada being the largest island at 21 miles long and 12 miles wide was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1498, while the Spaniards never settled the island, Grenada remained populated by the local Carib Indians until the English arrived in the early 1600’s. From 1609 to 1783 the island changed hands several times between the French and the British until finally being awarded to Britain in 1783 under the Treaty of Versailles. Grenada finally was granted independence from Great Britain on February 7th 1974
 Map of Grenada
 Often called the Spice Island, Grenada has become known for its smells of nutmeg, ginger and clover filling the air of this tropical paradise.  It is said that Grenada produces 1/3 of the world’s nutmeg and is second in production only behind Indonesia. Per square mile, the island grows more spices than found anywhere else in the world.
 St. George located on the main island of Grenada is the capital of this Caribbean nation. With a population of just over 33,000 of the nation’s 110,000 residents, St. George is also the largest city of Grenada. Situated along the southwest coast of the islands, the city is also home to one of the best protected harbors.
 Home to some 40 of the Caribbean’s most beautiful white sand beaches, the island has become a destination for many travelers looking for fun and relaxation in the sun.New Day Grenada
 With many sheltered anchorage’s found in the miles of coves and bays surrounding Grenada, the island has become one of the Caribbean’s major sailing centers. Clear turquoise waters found off shore have been a major draw for many divers and snorkelers, with many choices between shipwrecks and magnificent coral reefs the island has become world known throughout the diving world. Sweeping inland the island becomes mountainous as the terrain climbs to Mount St. Catherine at 2,756 feet. Beautiful rivers and waterfalls flow from the mountain range through magnificent areas of rainforest and tropical landscapes before reaching the waters of the Caribbean.


 Grenada, located on the southernmost portion of the Caribbean Sea, is below the normal hurricane zone of the Atlantic Ocean. In the last 50 years the island has only been affected by 3 hurricanes. The climate is very tropical in that it is hot and humid during the rainy season running from June till December and cool during the dry season lasting through the months of January till May. Temperatures range from a high in the 90’s, to a low in the 70’s, yet are made pleasant by the constant trade winds blowing over the islands.

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