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 Egypt, Exploring magnificent temples and amazing pyramids rising out of the desert sands, the world’s oldest civilization, fertile valleys of the Nile River and Mediterranean coast line are a few things that come to mind when a traveler hears the word Egypt mentioned. Long a vacation destination for ancient Greeks and Romans, Egypt today offers travelers many opportunities from exploring to relaxation.

 Egypt is geographically located on the northeastern corner of Africa, connected to Asia via the Sinai Peninsula east of the Suez Canal. Located on the continent of Africa, Egypt is the most populated country in the Arab World and is tied more to its neighbors of the Middle East than the countries of Africa. To the north lies the majestic Mediterranean Sea, to the northeast the country of Israel and the Gaza Strip, the east finds the Red Sea, swinging south lies Sudan and westward is Libya.

Egypt Map
The eastern area of Egypt is bisected north to south by the Nile River, longest river in the world; 600 miles of immensely fertile land this great river was the birth place of Egyptian civilization. Today, lining the shores of the Nile River is home to the majority of the Egyptian population. Second most populated country on the African continent, Egypt has a population of just over 82 million people. To the east of the Nile River lies the sparsely inhabited Sahara Desert making up almost 95 % of the countries land mass.



 Egypt, the cradle of mankind is a land where the world’s oldest monuments rich in culture and history can be found. Alexandria, the ancient seaport city along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea today is an important resort area and second largest city in Egypt. Along the banks of the Nile and the city of Cairo, Egypt’s capital and largest city, The Great Sphinx of Giza is the world’s largest monolith statute in the world.  Inland to the east of Cairo is the Great Giza Necropolis of pyramids and to the south of Cairo lays the Great Pyramid of Giza. Farther south along the Nile, the ancient city of Luxor, draws travelers to the Valley of the Kings and the temples of Karnack.

 Egypt, divided into two main climate regions, Lower Egypt to the north along the Mediterranean Sea and Upper Egypt to the south see a difference in climates. Hot and dry the country sees temperatures range from 80 degrees to highs above 100, winter months will bring temperatures down in the range of 55 degrees to mid 70’s. Rain is scarce with much of Upper Egypt and desert regions seeing less than 2 tenths of an inch during the year while along the Mediterranean Coast areas can see upwards of 16 inch during the year. The best time to travel to Egypt is in winter, from November through February. 

 Egypt today has become one of the world's top tourist destinations. Pyramids to ancient cities, resorts to exploration tours have added to Egypt’s appeal. Easy access and a short distance to Europe have made traveling to this ancient land convenient.

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