Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park is a beautiful park that is known for its biological diversity and is located in the Tortuguero Conservation Area of Costa Rica.  Located on the northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, this national park is the 3rd most popular park in Costa Rica.Visitors from all over the world come to this park to take in the wide range of habitats that include beaches, lagoons and rain forests. It is the turtles that are the main attraction, however. Getting to Tortuguero National Park is only accessible by airplane or boat from Puerto Limon thus adding to the allure of this Costa Rican Adventure.

Sea Turtle, Tortuguero National Park Costa RicaThe beaches of Tortuguero National Park are home to a wide variety of turtles which are endemic to the area. Some of these turtles include the Hawksbill turtle, Green Sea turtle and the Leatherback turtle. The species were once driven to the point of extinction due to them being poached for their meat and their eggs. They are now protected by the national park and visitors can watch these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Tortuguero National Park also offers visitors a wide variety of hiking trails to enjoy. The most popular of these trails is the El Gavilan, a winding trail that alternates between the beautiful beaches and the dense forest of the park. Another popular trail is the Tortuga Lodge Trail which runs to a height of almost 400 feet and gives visitors an outstanding view of Cerro Bogue Ridge.

Some of the other activities that are popular in Tortuguero National Park include fishing and bird watching. Amateur and professional fishermen often come to this park to catch one of the many fish that inhibit this area, such as Tarpon or Atlantic Snook. Bird watchers come to the park to enjoy the many varieties of birds which include Violet Sabrewings, Green Macaw, Northern Jacanas and Amazon Kingfishers.

Most visitors to Tortuguero National Park begin their trip in Tortuguero Village because of its proximity to the park and the accommodations that can be found in the village. Tortuguero Village also offers many other amenities which include restaurants, quaint shops and tour operators. Once in Tortuguero Village, visitors can visit Tortuguero National Park either by small plane or by chartering a boat at the port of Puerto Limon.

Visitors to this park should be aware that camping isn’t allowed in the park but there are several lodges in the area where one can get accommodations. Some of the more popular lodges in Tortuguero National Park include Laguna Lodge, Turtle Beach Lodge and the Parismina Lodge.

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