Manuel Antonio

For those who need a fabulous getaway, guests need look no further than the beautiful shores of Costa Rica. This exotic country suits visitors of many tastes. Manuel Antonio makes for a great destination when traveling to Costa Rica, Pacific sea side village, Manuel Antonio is about a 2 1/2 hour drive south from San Jose.

Whether one enjoys great views, long walks, sandy beaches, or intense sporting opportunities, the city of Manuel Antonio has options for every person. For explorers and hikers, Manuel Antonio, which sits on a biological peninsula, provides a multitude of parks. One of the most well-known and gorgeous parks in Costa Rica is the Manuel Antonio National Park. This fantastic park dwells amid a section of the city that is dedicated to various productive activities, such as agriculture and tourism development. Manuel Antonio National Park hosts a plethora of plant-life that is displayed in not only one but two forests inside the park.

Manuel Antonio Costa RicaThe most prolific species of plants in the primary and secondary forests are guácimo colorado, cedro maría, guapinol blanco, surá, guapinol negro, lechoso, cenízaro, and ceiba. Aside from the plants, the park also houses a myriad of wildlife. Several of the most common species that reside here are raccoons, coatamundis, agoutis, two-toed sloths, scarlet macaws, and white-faced monkeys as well as squirrel monkeys.

The spectacular views are speckled with many clear paths and quaint trails that are interlaced among the wildlife and plant-life to give visitors the most authentic view of Costa Rica.

In addition to the incredible sights in the Manuel Antonio National Park, the city of Manuel Antonio also provides other exceptional ways to relax. For those who would rather sit than walk, luscious water and bright sand lie close by. In fact, one can enjoy the warmth from several different beaches in the Manuel Antonio area.

Also, Manuel Antonio is completely unique in that it offers breathtaking scenes in conjunction with wild entertainment for the truly active person. Though the city is small, the events held here are anything but tiny. Manuel Antonio provides excellent connection to the great outdoors through surf tournaments, hiking, kayaking, sport fishing, and rafting.

Indeed, Manuel Antonio has a little something for everyone, from the outdoor trailblazer to the rainforest sightseer to the lover of warmth and sunlight.

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