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August 11th, 2013 

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Travel Amazing Central Asia

Discover  Central Asia


 Central Asia is an expansive mass of land that ranges from the Caspian Sea in the West to China on the East, and Russia in the North to Afghanistan on the South; consisting of five former Soviet Republics:


 Central Asia has had a difficult and turbulent history consisting of conflict between Nomads and settling people, and several reigns throughout the centuries, the climate and geography highly influencing the development and progress of the region. During the 13th and 14th centuries, the Monguls conquered and ruled the longest ever contiguous empire that has been recorded in history. By the 16th century, the introduction of firearms allowed large powers such as China and Russia to expand into the land.
 Traveling to Central Asia is best during spring to early summer months and September to early November as these are the times when the land offers the most beautiful views and best and safest weather. Touring Central Asia, you will go through the 5 previous Soviet Republics, enjoying the culture and cuisine of each, Uzbekistan offering many tours and over a thousand Uzbek cuisine dishes. Visitors are encouraged to wear light clothing during the days and light jackets in the evening as the weather is very humid during the day and chilly at night; visitors to the region are also encouraged to cover most areas of skin for safety measures against the heavy sun.

 Traveling through Central Asia and the five regions, tourists are likely to see several religious sites; many required the removal of shoes to enter; as well as several historic landmarks and various architectural structures that are quite interesting and beautiful in their own right. There are several areas in which visitors can enjoy various dishes of Central Asia’s prideful economical cleanness and rich mineral content.


 There are many accommodations provided throughout the regions from 5 star hotels to camping outdoors in well constructed tents and various camp sites. There are high status hotels such as the Hyatt, Holiday Inn, Taj, and several others; as well as various lower priced hotels, cottages, apartments, and even home-stays offered, in which tourists are able to stay with a Central Asian family.

 The sites of Central Asia are quite elaborate and beautiful, offering nature and history in one stride. There are several small shops for purchasing souvenirs and clothing to remember the trip forever. Central Asia is comprised of a large population of very friendly people that are quite helpful. There are areas to be wary of and many visitors are encouraged to avoid, however, this is much like anywhere else in the world. Many of the residents are always willing to assist tourists in helping them stay safe and have a very enjoyable visit.

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