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 Bermuda, an island located in an astoundingly beautiful stretch of the Atlantic Ocean, is often mistakenly thought to be part of the Caribbean. In reality, Bermuda is located just 650 miles east of North Carolina and is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom.

 Bermuda is often referred to as "an island" but it is actually made up of 180 smaller islands linked together by bridges. Each island features pristine beaches and coastline, lush vegetation, and endless wildlife.

 Bermuda boasts a very pleasant climate all year round and is home to approximately 65,500 Bermudians who are generally known to be the friendliest people in the world.

 Historically, Bermuda is the Britain's oldest colony but was discovered in 1503 by the Spanish, specifically explorer Juan de Bermudez. Around 1609, English settlers from the Virginia Company took over the island and founded the town of St. George. Later in 1790, the more centrally located port of Hamilton was named the capital. African slaves were brought to the island not long after its discovery and were inhabitants until the outlaw of slavery in 1807. Today, about 61% of Bermudians are of African descent.

 Today, Bermuda is known for its white sandy beaches, clear blue water, and extensive green golf courses making the island a very popular tourist destination. Upon visiting Bermuda, it is important to see such sights as the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo, the Crystal Caves, Horseshoe Bay Beach, and St. Peter's Church located in St. George, the former capital.

 It is also pertinent to experience the excellent and eclectic cuisine that Bermuda has to offer. The island is a host of a medley of global selections such as British, French, Italian, American, Portuguese, Caribbean, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai. The bountiful selection of foods serves as a memory of the diverse population and history that Bermuda holds.


 Experience high-end shopping, bicycling through Bermuda's hidden roads and beaten paths, bird watching, boat tours, cricket, fishing, para-sailing, sailing, golfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and endless more activities that are sure to entice any visitor no matter what their interests.

Want to spend the day without an activity itinerary? Bermuda is also a perfect stop for a relaxing day at the spa or the beach soaking up sun and indulging in a good book.



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