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                             The Beautifully Peaceful Barbuda


 Barbuda is part of the Northeastern Caribbean, comprising a three island state with a close neighbor Antigua and the Redonda Island. Barbuda is a quite untouched, undeveloped island with breath-taking natural beaches renowned for miles of mystifying pink sand, bordered on one side by the Atlantic’s deep blue water on one side and the Caribbean’s sparkling turquoise expanse of tortoises and tropical fish.

 The natural beauty and serenity offered in Barbuda is a life amongst no other, definitely not a spot to party, offering the relaxation and peaceful lifestyle that is very uncommon elsewhere. Unspoiled by tourism, there are various guest houses scattered across the island and only two exclusive hotels available for visitors; however, the population of 1500 remains extremely helpful and inviting, welcoming all to enjoy their lifestyle if only for a couple days.

 The 15 mile long, 8 mile wide island of Barbuda has remained undeveloped for centuries, its history closely intertwined with that of Antigua. Many failed attempts to settle Barbuda led to the settlement of a small British colony established in 1666. In the 18th century, Christopher Codrington, leased a large amount of the land within Barbuda using it to begin cultivating sugar, producing food and supplying slave labor for the Codrington Sugar Plantations in Antigua, merging the two islands even closer financially; as Antigua rose and fell, as did Barbuda.

 Barbuda has remained true to its culture and history, offering various landmarks that intrigue tourists visiting the area. The ruins of the Highland House as well as the Codrington Estates can still be seen in their original locations. Traveling through the south coast of Barbuda, visitors can still see the 56 foot high Martecello Castle and towers that were once used for defense and spotting shipwrecks. Long abandoned, these sites are quite interesting and attract many to visit the small island.


 Offering two small hotels, Barbuda’s main hotel, the Cocoa Lodge, offers service from the minute you enter the island. As you step off the plane, you are greeted and taken to the hotel, within which you will find a restaurant offering native flavors. You will also be provided with a choice of activities in which to participate and get the full experience Barbuda has to offer such as:

• Fishing
• Water sports
• Yachting
• Sight seeing

 The hotel itself is comprised of tastefully designed cottages and buildings in which you can choose between a single room or self service.

 There is a handful of small restaurants available within the small island of Barbuda offering many seafood delicacies and freshly prepared meals. There are also various stores and shops scattered throughout the island including a small mall offering clothing and hardware. A main attraction of the island being the Frigate Bird Sanctuary offering one of the world’s largest colonies recorded. Although by first glance, you can get the feel that Barbuda is a less visited area, you will find that it is a very enjoyable destination. This under appreciated island is perfect in its isolation, offering a piece of what is rarely found these days, peace.

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