Albert Bridge, London

The Albert Bridge, London was designed and built by an English engineer named Rowland Mason Ordish in 1874. The Albert Bridge incorporates several architectural designs making the bridge more structurally sound and these modifications have transformed the Albert Bridge into a remarkably unique piece of architecture.

The Albert Bridge is found in West London regally towering over the River Thames and connecting Chelsea and Battersea. The magnificent Albert Bridge was initially constructed to be a toll bridge. In 1877 the Metropolis Toll Bridges Act was passed and the Metropolitan Board Of Works purchased the bridge and it was taken into public ownership. At that time the tolls were lifted. As the only representation of bridge tollbooths in London the octagon shaped tollbooths remarkably still stand upon The Albert Bridge. Strict traffic control has been implemented for safety and to protect this magnificent treasure. Thus making it the least busy Thames Road bridge in London allowing a peaceful pedestrianization for local residents and tourists. The Albert Bridge, Old Battersea Bridge, Victoria Bridge and Grosvenor Railway Bridge all cross over the River Thames although the Albert Bridge and the Battersea Bridge are only 500 yards from each other.Albert Bridge River Thames London

In 1992 the bridge was rewired and painted a visibly outstanding color scheme of pink, green and blue. The Albert Bridge has been bejeweled with thousands of lights that light the area with an illuminating beauty throughout the night. The Albert Bridge has sometimes been called "The Trembling Lady" and this monumental delight provides many tourists with a majestic view into history.

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