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Acklins Island, Bahamas


 Acklins Island is a fisherman's dream, especially for bone fishing, as it has one of the biggest bonefish-flats in the Caribbean. In fact, it has quickly become one of the leading destinations for world-class fishermen in the United States. The island consists of tidal flats and creeks that make a fisherman feel like they are in heaven. There is more than 1000 miles of shallow water where fantastic bone fish can be found. There are even sport fisherman boats, which can be reserved for the avid fisherman. In addition to the bonefish, the island also consists of big-game fish, such as sharks and barracuda.

Acklins Lighthouse Bahamas
 Acklins Island, located about 220 miles southeast of Nassau, is one of the Bahamas least visited islands. It was established in 1996 and did not have electricity until 1998. English loyalists from Virginia arrived here during the late 1700s after the American Revolution. The area is hilly and rugged. Even though it is not well-known, it is one of the most protected of the Bahamian islands. The island is encircled in a shallow lagoon identified as the Bight of Acklins. The population is just over 400 and it is 92 sq miles and only 4 miles across. Most locals depend on farming and fishing to get by. The natives are friendly and welcoming.

 It does not consist of very many attractions, but travelers can enjoy the Lucayan Indian sites, which are known to be among the largest Lucayan Indian settlement in The Bahamas. On the southernmost part of the island sits the isolated Castle Island Lighthouse, in which tourists are interested in seeing. Also on the island is an interesting protected reserve for iguanas, which are an endangered species.
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 However, Acklins Island is not without adventure. Because Acklins Island is mostly uninhabited, visitors take pleasure in the breath-taking secluded beaches that give seclusion to people wanting some privacy. Tourists also love to go snorkeling and diving in the warm, clear waters of the Atlantic. Even though it is quiet and secluded, the island offers natural splendor along with rest and relaxation. Visitors get lost in this paradise while forgetting the fast-paced life of the city.

 Even though the island is visited by few, it is admired by many. Visitors are very reluctant to leave this stunning paradise.



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